Android 8.0 has been a low burn since its release last fall. It's been gaining a tenth of a percent here and there on the distribution charts, and Android 8.1 just appeared last month. This month, there's a slightly larger bump that finally pushed the latest and greatest Android up over 1%.

As usual, here are all the numbers compared to last month.

The data is pretty straightforward this month—every version except for Nougat and Oreo lost a few tenths of a percent. That puts Nougat in the lead of all versions, finally beating out Marshmallow. It's 28.5% for Nougat and 28.1% for Marshmallow.

The collective 0.4% rise for Oreo versions leaves the newest platform over 1% usage for the first time. Oreo's growth has remained in lock-step with Nougat's increases last year, and February is no different. This is also when Nougat crossed the 1% barrier last year. If that holds, we can look forward to Oreo being the biggest piece of the pie in a year. We can only hope that Project Treble makes the next round of updates a bit faster.