Even though the holiday season has come and gone (and thus the frequency of porch pirates), there are still plenty of reasons that someone might want a video doorbell. One of the more popular entries in the market, Ring, is currently selling the second generation model for $149 on eBay, saving you $50.

This is a brand new Satin Nickel doorbell straight from Ring's official eBay account, complete with a one-year warranty. It includes all of the mounting hardware and the battery. The highlight features are that you can see who approaches your door, be they friends, parcel delivery drivers, or nefarious types. Ring allows you the benefit of two-way communication, so you can let family and friends know your ETA or give the deliverymen direct instructions, wherever you are. Ring also works with Google Assistant, offering even more convenience.

Shipping is listed as free, which is just another added bonus. Ring works over Wi-Fi, and supposedly lasts between six months and a year on the battery, depending on usage. If you're interested in upgrading your doorbell, hit up the source link below.

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