The last LG phone that was offered to the Chinese market was 2016's G5 SE, a downmarket version of the not very well-liked G5, meaning that the Korean company had all but left the country. However, we now have confirmation from an LG official that LG's mobile phone business is pulling out of China.

China Business reporter who visited LG's Beijing offices was able to get this information from a company representative. In spite of profits generated from the rest of the company, LG's been losing money from its mobile division for some time now. Add that on top of the huge competition for smartphones in China, and it's not hard to see why LG would choose to leave.

We look forward to seeing what LG has to offer to the rest of the world at MWC. I'm personally just curious to see what they're unveiling will be branded as, since the company has been seemingly going back and forth on the subject.

LG has reportedly created a 'Chinese Smartphone Market Task Force' under its Korea Business Headquarters. It was formed under department head Choi Sang-kyu, and aims to examine why LG Mobile has been struggling in the Chinese market. So while the company may be pulling out of the country for now, it will likely return in the future with some new tactics.