At this point, if you are going to watch tomorrow's Super Bowl, you've probably already made your plans, but there are a lot of ways to tune in. Most people probably watch it on a TV, but even then there's plenty of ways to get your pigskin fix. There's cable, YouTube TV, OTA broadcasting, and even Chromecast streaming via NBC's Sports app. With all these different ways to watch, how do you plan on seeing it?

If you haven't given the subject much consideration, Kellen over at Droid Life put together a great little guide about the various ways you can watch. As I'm not a cable subscriber, I usually tune in each year via the old rabbit ears since there's an OTA NBC station here in Boston, but not everyone has that luxury. Now I know I can use my Chromecast via NBC's apps for the Super Bowl, though, and The Verge even confirms that it will be free to stream it.

If you'd like to watch it yourself, your options (for the US) are pretty much:

International viewers can check out the NFL's list of foreign language broadcasts, and viewers in Canada can watch things through CTV, while England gets some Sky TV and BBC (iPlayer, BBC Sport) options.

Personally, I'm not that much into sports, but the Super Bowl is so much a part of American culture that it's pretty much required watching anyway—even if only to see all the new big-budget ads from companies like Samsung. But not everyone feels the same. Plenty of people get pretty passionate about the subject of American football, and yet others have probably never even seen a game. What about you, do you plan on watching? And, if so, how?

How do you plan to watch the Super Bowl?

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