If you own one of Google's Home devices, you might want to keep an eye on your email's inbox. Google is giving some people their choice of a free audiobook to celebrate the format's recent arrival on Google Play. Even better, it looks like Google is allowing the promo to be applied to pretty much any audiobook in its new library, meaning you can get an audiobook that would cost almost as much as your Home Mini did for free. 

Some of the choices Google presents, but you can seemingly choose any book.

A few of us here at Android Police have received the promo email ourselves, but we can't be sure that everyone who has purchased a Google Home will get it. At least three of us who see it picked up a Google Home Mini in the past few months, if that's any indicator. And, we're all in the US, so YMMV for other countries.

From what I can tell, the promo appears to work for any book. If you follow the link in the email, you're presented with some of Google's "Popular" choices, but I was able to manually navigate to other more expensive listings, and it still claimed I could apply my book reward at the time of checkout. I can't really check every listing on Play Books, but it appears to work with every book I can find regardless of price.

If you do get such an email, there's no rush to choose your audiobook. The promotion is valid until February 10th 2019.