Were you looking to pick up a Razer Phone, but wishing that it came in gold? Your dream has come true... kinda. Razer has just unveiled a 'Limited Gold Edition' of the Razer Phone in celebration of the Lunar New Year, and it's available for purchase right now.

Look at all that gold.

Those of you who just glanced at the photo above might be wondering where the gold part of the 'Limited Gold Edition' moniker comes in. If you look closely, you can see that the Razer logo on the back is gold, but that's legitimately the only gold thing on the phone. The red box and gold letter, as well as the gold Razer stickers (ooh!), in the hero image will be included with the Limited Gold Edition. Unfortunately, I don't think the two oranges will fit in the box.

You can buy the Razer Phone Limited Gold Edition right now from the RazerStore for the same $699.99 that the regular model costs. It's also being sold in Three (the mobile carrier, not the number) stores in Hong Kong, as well as RazerStore Hong Kong.