Google doesn't pay much attention to the Google Now Launcher anymore, but that doesn't mean it's dead. The Google app powers this launcher, so small tweaks show up from time to time. Today, there's a noticeable and somewhat perplexing change in the Google Now Launcher. Some users have a new home button in the search box that launches the Google Feed.

The search box in GNL is persistent at the top of the screen, but you can turn off the swipe right gesture for opening the feed. Now that there's a home button that opens the Feed, you can still access it even without the swipe. Maybe that's a handy addition, but the button is rather... unattractive.

The button is on the far right and bears a resemblance to Sony's old home navigation button. It makes the bar look a bit too busy in my opinion, but you might be seeing more of it. Since this change likely arrived via the Google app, other launchers that implement the search box might start getting the button as well. So far, all we can say is some GNL users have it. Keep an eye out.

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Google Now Launcher
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