These days, many advertisements try to be truly different to stand out from the crowd and get people talking. Nokia seems to be attempting this approach with its new ad, which features a guru teaching an apartment renter about the arts of minimalism and 'Phone Shui.' In other words, Nokia is pushing its pure Android angle.

The commercial stars "minimalist guru and superstar vlogger Aapo Hämälänanainen," who has somehow made his way into a man's apartment and gotten rid of all of his things (including his roommate). Hämälänanainen then calms the man down, telling him that all of his things weren't necessary. At the end, he shows up on Nokia's line of pure Android-toting smartphones, showing that their phones have "everything you truly need."

If you've got an extra three minutes to spare in your day, the ad is worth a view. You can watch it via the embed above or the source link below.