LastPass is how many of us choose to store our passwords, and the Android app is usually fast to support new Android features. If you want even faster access, there's the LastPass beta release. That one has just been updated with more robust autofill support—both accessibility-based and the new Oreo implementation at the same time. You should also get fewer autofill prompts when you don't need them.

Here's the changelog for the latest beta, which is actually in the form of a short explanation.

This release allows you to enable both the Android O autofill and the legacy (accessibility) autofill, which will allow you to fill into Chrome. We have also added options under Settings>Autofill to allow you to disable credit card and address fill, which is also disabled by default on new installations. This should resolve most issues with prompting where it shouldn't.
Please note: This Beta release does not work with LastPass Authenticator backup. Please use the production release for that.

So, as of the latest beta, you can activate the old (somewhat hacky) accessibility version of autofill while still using the Oreo version. The upshot here is they you can autofill in Chrome via accessibility, and then use the Oreo method in other apps.

New installations will also default to disabling credit card and address autofill. You can turn that back on, but it pops up quite a lot when it doesn't need to. Most people will probably want to keep it off.

LastPass Password Manager Beta
LastPass Password Manager Beta