Earlier in January, the online chatter about Xiaomi's delay/unwillingness to release kernel source codes for its Mi A1 phone reached a peak. Given how popular this little gem of a phone has become (read my take or Corbin's review) and all that it could do for a measly $220 price tag, as well as the fact that it runs Android One, Google's own official software for third-parties, it was quite unbecoming of Xiaomi to not release the source or take such a long time to do so.

Now the wait is over. Developers and tinkerers alike can head over to GitHub to check the full source code (for Nougat, not Oreo unfortunately) and do what developers and tinkerers do. Which I assume is grab a huge pot of coffee / order a pizza and drown themselves in lines of letters and symbols that I don't understand, until they come up with more stable custom ROMs and mods for the device. Now if Xiaomi can figure out how to roll out Oreo for real, without bugs stopping the deployment several times, we'd all be happy.