I've been told that smartphone enthusiasts are often a bit prickly about their preferences, though OnePlus is taking things to a bizarre new extreme with their latest campaign. Apparently titled "The OnePlus 5T Smart Tests," the first in the series features two men in underwear—one holding a OnePlus 5T, the other holding a Samsung Galaxy S8—having bits of cactus thrown at them, only able to leave after they open 20 "everyday apps." Truly, this takes advertising to a bizarre and unwarranted new level, and you should trust me on this because I live in Japan.


The second advertisement in the series features the aforementioned phones being tested for video image stabilization with a man wearing a suit made of assorted cuts of meat being devoured by a dog.


You can view the (thankfully only) two advertisements in this series in the embeds above or the source links below. OnePlus has made the smart decision of disabling comments for those videos. If you have not had your fill of weird commercials, I would also recommend this 10 minute compilation of SoftBank commercials (including an obligatory Tommy Lee Jones cameo).

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