The Nest Secure has been out for a few months now, and it has yet to see much in the way of discounts. That changes now that Best Buy has dropped the price of the home monitoring system by $100. You can pick up the starter pack right now for $399, and there are even some slightly cheaper listings on eBay.

The starter pack includes the Guard hub, which houses the keypad and siren. It also comes with two NFC Nest Tags and a pair of Nest Detect sensors. Secure works well, and setup is a breeze. If you've got other Nest devices, they all play nicely together in the same app. For example, your cameras begin recording if the Secure's alarm is tripped.

The primary issue with the Secure right now is the price—at $500 it was tough to recommend, but it's more reasonable at $400. Best Buy is probably a convenient way for most people to get the Secure on sale, but there are eBay listings undercutting Best Buy a little. Some large sellers are offering the Secure bundle for $375-380 over there. You might save a few bucks, but you'll have to wait for shipping.