Mesh routers make it easier to cover large areas with great Wi-Fi. Think of each mesh station as a cell phone tower, where your devices automatically switch to whichever one has the best signal. No more upstairs-only networks, or $30 janky repeaters that interfere with other signals. If you've been itching to try one, Netgear's Orbi system is on sale again.

This particular model is the router + wall satellite combo, which means you get one base station and one 'satellite' (basically just a less-powerful station that plugs directly into an outlet). The base station should cover 2,500 square feet, and the satellite can cover 1,500 square feet. The system with one station and two satellites went on sale earlier this month, but it was still $300.

There are some other nice features too, like an app for setup and management, support for creating a guest network, content filters for young children, Alexa compatibility, and more. You can buy the Orbi system for $194.97 ($55 off) from Amazon at the link below. Best Buy also has it for $199 ($50 off), with in-store pickup options available.