There it is, folks: the first-ever Chrome OS tablet. This Acer-branded tablet was unveiled at the Bett 2018 education show in London, where all sorts of technology used to better education is showcased for all to see. Unfortunately, we don't know much about it as there hasn't been an official announcement of any kind, but at least we know that it exists.

The tweet has been pulled.

We learned of this tablet thanks to a show attendee, Alister Payne. His tweet says that the tablet hasn't yet been officially released, which makes sense given that we haven't heard anything about it elsewhere. Interestingly, he also mentions that it's for grades 1, 2, and 3, though it's possible that was just a reference for his school in particular. For what it's worth, Payne hails from South Africa, where grades 1-3 are part of the "Foundation Phase."

Chrome Unboxed says that it's been tracking a tablet of this sort, codenamed "Scarlet," for about a year now, and that it's believed to have a companion stylus from Staedtler. But since it wasn't on display and hasn't been officially announced, we don't have any further information. Hopefully, it gets unveiled to the public sooner than later.