It's well known that Amazon's Alexa got a head start over the Google Assistant in the battle of the butlers, and it's most apparent when you look at the different form factors available. After the Echo Show, the alarm clock-sized Spot is the second Echo device to come with a screen and it costs around half as much. It went on sale in the US late last year, and now it's also available in the UK, Germany, and Austria.

The Spot has a 2.5" circular touch display and a 1.4" speaker, which is more powerful than an Echo Dot but not as beefy as the original Echo device. There's also Bluetooth or a 3.5mm output if you want to connect it to more capable speakers. It can do everything any other Alexa-equipped unit can do, as well as benefit from any custom skills designed for use with a touchscreen.

Please tell me this wasn't a popular song?

A camera is also on board for video calling, and even though it may look like an alarm clock, Amazon stresses that you can put it in any room of the house. It's available in black or white and stands at about 10cm tall. In the UK, the Spot retails for £119.99 with free delivery, but you can also get two for £199.98 right now if you use the code SPOT2PACK. In Germany and Austria, a single unit will set you back 129,99€, and there's a similar "2 kaufen, 40€ sparen" offer in place, which bags you two for 219,98€ with the same SPOT2PACK code.

If you go for it and pick up an Echo Spot, let us know what you make of it in the comments.