A few days ago, some users started receiving update notifications on their Pixel 2 and were wondering what was happening since, according to the official documentation, they were seemingly on the latest build number. Now Google's official pages have been updated to include these new factory images and OTA files for specific devices on certain carrier versions.

First, the Pixel 2 on Verizon is getting a bump to build number OPM2.171019.016. Then the Nexus 5X on Telstra and Softbank is getting an update to build OPM5.171019.014. And finally, the Nexus 6P on Softbank only (no Telstra) is getting the same build number as its smaller sibling: OPM5.171019.014.

You can grab the factory images, OTA files, and if you're interested also the driver binaries from the source links below. Just make sure you're grabbing the correct file for your device and operator. We're not sure what's changed (the security level is still the same), but given the mid-month update, it sounds like a quick bug fix version for certain operators. According to the user who spotted it a few days ago, this fixed local playback from Play Music through Assistant, but your mileage may vary.