Huawei's been releasing Oreo betas for several of its phones, but we still haven't heard much about updates for Honor-branded devices. Now Huawei has published a list of all the devices that Oreo is being developed for. Oddly, the Honor 8 is mentioned in spite of a confirmation from Honor India on Twitter that the phone wouldn't be getting Oreo.

We reached out to see what was going on. Here's the statement that Honor PR gave Android Police:

To ensure Honor 8 users also benefit from the latest user experience upgrades, new functions of EMUI 8.0 will be ported to the Honor 8. Further update details will be released within one week. Please stay tuned and we thank you for your support and interest in Honor.

The wording isn't the clearest, but it sounds like the Honor 8 will remain on Nougat and have features of EMUI 8.0 ported to it in lieu of an update to EMUI 8.0 on Android Oreo. This decision is a little strange, especially given the fact that the Honor 8 is less than 18 months old. It's also possible that only Chinese-market Honor 8s will get Oreo with US-model variants left behind, as the post is in Chinese, but that wouldn't make much sense. It's a confusing situation. As Honor PR said, we'll hear more within a week.

Here are all the Honor devices that are listed by Huawei's forum post as having EMUI 8.0 in development (including the Honor 8):

  • Honor 7X
  • Honor 8
  • Honor 8 Youth Edition
  • Honor 9
  • Honor 9 Youth Edition
  • Honor Note 8
  • Honor V8
  • Honor V9
  • Honor V10

Unfortunately, no timetables were given, with Huawei instead asking to pay attention to news from the official channel. We'll be sure to let you know what materializes of this upcoming information on the Honor 8 and EMUI 8.0.

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