By last count, Google had 39 messaging apps. Okay, that's not accurate, but it's not that far off. After moving away from Hangouts as the unified Google messaging platform, Google launched Hangouts Meet as a business-oriented video conferencing product. You may not think about Hangouts Meet a lot, but it still exists and today has gained support for tablets.

Tablets are obviously not as widely used as they once were, but businesses are more likely than consumers to have tablets around. In that context, it makes some sense to support Meet on tablets. Meet will now work on both Android tablets and iPads as the new version rolls out. All G Suite versions will have tablet support available within a few days.

Hangouts Meet has gained a number of features since its launch last year. It has some basic chat functionality, and group conferences have gone from 30 to 50 participants. Now that tablets work with Meet, maybe businesses will get closer to that 50-person limit.