Now that Verizon and Google Fi have jumped on the pseudo-unlimited train, it seems like most of the US carriers offer some type of all-you-can-eat data plan. It's not surprising, either, given our ever-increasing appetites for media in all its forms. It's a lot easier to binge a new Netflix series (so psyched for Altered Carbon) if you don't have to worry about the distinction between mobile data and Wi-Fi when it comes to your monthly bill. So how much data do you burn through in a typical month?

This poll is a bit of a classic here at Android Police. We've had it around in one form or another for years, and it's interesting to see how little the numbers have changed over time. Back in 2011 most people seemed to be using around 2-5 GB. Later in 2015, those numbers have held steady, with 2-4 GB and 1-2 GB being the most commonly used quantities. Last year's reports were even right in line with 2015's. But I'm curious to see if developments from the previous twelve months, like Verizon's new unlimited plans, have changed that.

Personally, when I'm not traveling, I don't tend to use a ton of data, as I'm typically on Wi-Fi. It's not that I avoid using it, I just don't need to. On average that means I use something like 2-4 GB a month, though that can quickly balloon up to 20+ GB if I'm on the go or choosing to work outdoors in fair weather.

What about you? If you don't have a clue, you can check your phone's measurements of usage in Settings (Settings -> Data usage for pre-Oreo/8.0 devices and Settings -> Network & Internet -> Data usage for 8.0+). Your carrier's site should also have that information somewhere. And if your numbers vary wildly from month to month, put forward your best guess. So, how much data on your single line do you use?

How much mobile data (not Wi-Fi) do you use in a typical month?

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