IFTTT continues to expand the realm of automation possibilities at its users' disposal. Over the past month or so, nine new channels have been added to the connect-everything service. Most of them will make your home smarter (or more pleasing to your olfactory receptors), while one connects a number of services to the Ethereum blockchain.

Here's a rundown of IFTTT's nine latest channels:

  • Nokia Sleep: optimize your room conditions when you go to bed and start brewing your coffee as soon as you wake up with the help of Nokia's sleep sensor
  • TxHash: touted as "Blockchain as a Service," these applets can trigger a Slack channel post, SMS, phone notification, or Facebook post every time you receive Ether cryptocurrency
  • Moodo: this smart home fragrance box can be used to control the way your home smells with Google Assistant, and trigger your favorite fragrance to help wake you up or welcome you home
  • OhmConnect: get paid to save energy by turning off connected devices during a designated hour of the day (California only)
  • SmarTap Shower: get your shower going when you get home or with Google Assistant or Alexa, or start it if there's a fire
  • mydlink: automate your home's lights and D-Link camera, and get notified if motion is detected
  • Airthings: monitor your indoor air quality, show off your good radon levels on Twitter, and turn your Philips Hue light bulbs an ominous red when radon levels are high
  • Meross: automate your smart plugs and customize your smart bulbs
  • Liebherr: if you have one of the German manufacturer's connected refrigerators, automate its temperature based on your location or get notified if your fridge raises an alarm

If you're an IFTTT user, click the links above to get more info about each of the newly added channels. And if you live in California, own a Moodo, and got in early on Ether: You have my envy.