If you're looking to pick up a smart speaker with Google Assistant, but would prefer it to be portable and not resemble an air freshener, JBL has some good options for you, and they've each been discounted by $50 at several retailers.

The battery-powered JBL Link 10 is discounted $50, from $150 to $100, and the larger Link 20 is down from $200 to $150. These IPX7 waterproof speakers have Google Assistant and Chromecast capabilities built in, and JBL claims the Link 10 will give you 5 hours of play time, and the Link 20 will run for 10 hours. (Why not just number them based on their playback time and call them the Link 5 and Link 10 so no one gets confused? This is free advice for you, JBL.)

For those who want something more powerful, without the need for portability, the more menacing looking JBL Link 300 is also $50 off at $200.

All of these smart speakers have been rated highly by customers, and these discounts are the same or better than those offered during the holidays. So if you're in the market for a Google Assistant-enabled smart speaker, these JBL offerings should be on your list.