Google Home is available in a few countries, but if you live anywhere outside the US, your choice for a video provider is quite limited. Telling Home to play a video from YouTube, Google Photos, or Netflix works in all countries, but that's it. The US gets CBS, CW, Viki, and YouTube TV, but other countries don't have any local content providers. Beside Australia, that is, which has Stan and now Germany is adding maxdome (it should work though it hasn't shown up in this list yet).

According to my research, maxdome is quite a popular video-on-demand service in Germany and Austria. It may not have the most users, but it seems to be a locally-grown service with quite a lot of local and international content. All the better because Google Home needs relevant regional content to seduce as many users as possible. With the addition of maxdome, users can tell their Home to play their favorite movies or shows, like Galileo, Die beste Show der Welt, So spielt das Leben, and more, and watch them on a connected Chromecast (or Android TV, technically). They can also issue voice commands to control playback, show or hide subtitles, and ask for info about what they're watching and who's in it.

If you live in Germany, you should head to your Google Home app's settings and look for the Photos and Videos menu. maxdome should be one of the accounts you can link there.

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