Twitter is no stranger to server-side tests, and now the company appears to have another in the wings. AP's own Artem noticed a bit of a tweak in Twitter for Android in recent days, with a new three-dot share button appearing at the bottom of tweets. All the sharing options previously present in the arrow menu to a tweet's top right have been relocated to this button, and the previous "send privately" option is now gone. 

Current layout (left), new layout including Share button (right)

Artem notes that he was running a recent beta when he noticed the new icon, and though I tried installing the last few beta versions to trigger it, the change appears to be server-side. Note that since I don't have access to a device that demonstrates the new feature myself, the screenshots will be a mix of self-tweets from Artem and external views of the same tweets. While some of the options are the same between the two, a few will be different.


Normal top-right menu options (left), new top-right menu options (middle), options present in new share button (right)

The change is quite simple, with the various social options that previously lived in the top-right menu being relocated to a new dedicated button, leaving the old dialog much emptier. Personally, I think it's a nice change, as the connected-dots icon is a universal visual standard for sharing content (at least, if you aren't the UI train wreck that is YouTube), and that should make the action a bit easier to find for newcomers.

This might be a confusing modification for some if they aren't expecting the change, as there's nothing that points to the new location. So if you see a much shorter list of actions in the top right menu the next time you fire up Twitter and examine a tweet, now you know where to look. We'll see if this change makes its way out to a broader audience, but for the time being it appears to be a server-side test with a limited audience.