Usually, we aren't too into Kickstarter stuff here at AP. No small number of crowdfunded endeavors have failed to materialize in the past, and too many of them are merely rebadged OEM goods. But in this brave new dongle-filled world, the HyperDrive has caught our eye. It's a combo USB-C hub, Qi charger, and phone stand all in one. And, unlike many Kickstarter promises, this one has already hit its funding goal.

If you've got a MacBook or MacBook Pro, having to juggle all the various dongles required for a flexible workflow is a small nightmare in itself, but that's an issue that can be mitigated by the use of a USB-C hub. Although you might still need a spaghetti-like pile of cables to get your work done, it can be consolidated down to just a couple when it comes time to plug things in. So those of us rationalizing the #donglelife (like me) are constantly on the search for something that might make it a bit more tolerable.

The HyperDrive takes the convenience of a USB-C hub and adds in a three-coil Qi-compatible wireless charger that can spit 5, 7.5, 10, and 15W, making it compatible with most devices at their maximum supported speeds. It's even got a tilting hinge to prop your phone up, along with a plethora of connectivity options (HDMI, gigabit ethernet, microSD, SD, 3xUSB 3.1, and USB-C with 60W Power Delivery passthrough). And, by all appearances, it's not too big, either.

At the time of writing, the HyperDrive is 368% funded with 31 days left to go. The only price option left for new backers interested in picking one up is $109—ostensibly $50 off the retail price. It's up to you if a Kickstarter is worth the risk, but either way, it might be worth taking a look at once the HyperDrive lands.