Like many Google products, the Home Max isn't easy to find at a discount, especially given its very recent entry to the market. However, Verizon Business is offering a Home Max and Home Mini bundle for just $337.48, or $112.50 off the combined MSRPs of both Home devices. That's pretty nuts. Unfortunately, you will need access to a Verizon Business (B2B) account to take advantage of this deal. And no, your run-of-the-mill Verizon account won't do.

We published our review of the Home Max earlier this month and found it to be an excellent product, with the main con being its $399 price tag. It's easy to set up, sounds good, looks good, and is great at detecting your Ok Googles even over loud music. The Home Mini, on the other hand, has achieved notoriety for being incredibly cheap at $29 (though it's since gone back up to its normal price of $49). For the price, it's hard to argue with what you get.

left: The Home Max alone for $399.99. right: The Home Max and Home Mini together for $337.48.

Verizon Business customers can get both for only $337.48. That's a $112.50 discount, or a full 25% off. B2B customers usually receive 25% off of select less interesting accessories, so this bundle deal is pretty exciting. Interestingly, the Home Max by itself is still listed at $399.99. If you don't believe us, you can check the screenshots above.

Our tipster suspects that this may be a price error, but his order has already shipped. Even if you don't think you have access to a Verizon B2B account, check with your place of employment to make sure. You might just get a nice surprise.

There's actually an even more interesting deal: a two-pack of Home Minis for just $37.49, which is less than $19 apiece. Given how the price of one Home Mini has risen back to $49 for 2018, that's an absolute steal. Thanks, Eric.

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