According to a report from The Information, Snap (of Snapchat fame) has recently laid off about two dozen people, most of which were in the content team. These firings seem to fit in line with the company's financial difficulties and overall attempts at consolidation, as well as the recent setbacks for the platform's original content. 

For a bit of perspective, The Information pegs Snap as having around 3,000 employees (though an SEC filing from 2016 states closer to 1,800). Worst case scenario, the number represents just over 1% of the total number of employees at Snap. But, we don't know how many people in total at the company are working on the content team, which is responsible for the original media presented in the app's Discover section.

The Information also claims that the "partnership team" is being folded into the content team, so it's also possible the recent layoffs were to reduce redundancy as the two groups are merged. Snap has slowed hiring in the last year, probably as a result of the company's monetization difficulties and increased competition.

Hopefully, none of this should have any impact on the upcoming Android app redesign, which should result in the first decent client for the platform since Snap decided that Android exists.