The legal system hasn't really kept pace with the development of technology in recent years, and one example of that is the inconvenience of notarizing documents. At best it's a hassle, and no one gets excited at having to wait for a signature to be witnessed or a statement certified. But now one more contemporary inconvenience has been "appified," as there's a new service named Notarize in the Google Play Store that does pretty much what you'd expect, given the name. 

The app claims to offer 24/7 notary services, with average wait times of less than one minute, so it's still a manual operation at some level, but it should be more convenient than having to look up a local notary or make your way down to a UPS store. It's also $25 a pop, which might be more expensive than your local services (many banks offer free or inexpensive notarization services for their customers). Still, if you're in a pinch and you don't want to wait, the whole process can now be done from your phone.

Notary also doesn't notarize all documents, there's a list of exceptions including marriages, wills/trusts, vehicle title transfers, I-9 forms, and "Documents for use in Iowa." If it makes any difference, all notarization in the app takes place in Virginia over a video call.

Android co-founder Rich Miner even gave the app a positive review, though we haven't had a chance to test it ourselves just yet, as we don't need anything notarized. But, it sounds simple enough. If you're interested in giving it a try (and you're willing to pay $25 for each notarization), you can check it out at Google Play via the widget below or over at APK Mirror.

Developer: Notarize, Inc
Price: Free