Google is offering discounts on particular combinations of its Google Home and Chromecast hardware, but the deals are just kind of okay, and frankly a bit of a letdown with all the big price slashes from the holidays still fresh in our memories.

Nonetheless, if you're in the market for a Google Home device or a Chromecast Ultra, you can save a little bit of money with some of these combinations:

  • Save $30 on a Google Home Max plus a Google Home Mini ($418), which is sort of like getting the Mini for twenty bucks (though it had just been $30 over the holidays all by itself, but we're trying not to think about that).
  • Save $20 on a Chromecast Ultra plus a Google Home Mini ($98), which feels a little more reasonable, if not terribly exciting.
  • Save $20 on a standard Google Home plus a Home Mini ($158), and again, try not to obsess over the fact that the Home was just $99 mere weeks ago.
  • Save $10 on two Google Home Minis ($88). I guess that would partly defray the cost of priority shipping or something? Meh.

To get these teeny tiny discounts at the Google Store, just add both items to your cart and the sale price is automatically applied. The same deals are available at Best Buy for the Home devices, but not the Chromecast for some reason.

These promotional prices are for U.S. residents only and end on February 3. So if you were going to buy any of these combinations anyway, you'll save a little cash. And that's about it.