OnePlus' second 2017 flagship has turned out to be one of my favorite phones, but the largest disappointment at launch was that it shipped with Nougat instead of Oreo. However, OnePlus kept true to its word that the 5T would get Oreo via an Open Beta before the end of the year. Now it's time for the second update, which includes some new stock apps, improves background task management and adds some other quality of life things.

Without further ado, here's the changelog:

File manager
  • Improved experience when file deleting
  • Added big file management function
  • Added whole new Clipboard application
OnePlus Switch
  • Added whole new OnePlus Switch application for backup & restore
  • Added caller phone number and location information in calling notification
OnePlus Launcher
  • New application drawer design
  • Auto-naming folder
  • Dynamic icon function for desktop clock icon
  • Improved power consumption measurement
  • Optimized management logic for high power consumption application
  • Added intelligent background application management solution

What might stand out to some is the mention of a new clipboard app. There's no evidence at this point to suggest that it's anything nefarious, but OnePlus' recent weirdness on the 3T might make some wary. I, meanwhile, am quite excited to see the changes there in the System section. Battery life has already been pretty good for me, but I'm certainly glad to see improvements in that area.

I just realized that I never disabled "Receive notifications from OnePlus;" that's been fixed

Seeing the Switch app set as a default part of the settings (in the Advanced menu) isn't too surprising, especially considering that OnePlus said to expect a stable version in mid-January. It's a neat feature, I suppose.

The update should be rolling out to everyone over the coming days or you can download it directly from the source link below.

OnePlus published the changelog for Open Beta 4 for the OP5. Here it is:


  • Launcher Updated to v2.3
    • Drawer categories
      • You can see new categories when using the search icon in the drawer
    • Auto folder tagging
      • When you add applications that are similar, our system will help you automatically name the new folder you created
    • Dynamic Icon for Clock
      • The Clock icon is now dynamic
    • Notification dot optimization
      • The Blue notification dots present to notify you of a newly installed app will now be removed automatically after 15 days
  • Launcher usage tips improved
    • We’ve added some new helpful tips for first use of the launcher


  • Optimizations for logic managing high power consumption applications
  • Added a more intelligent background application management solution
  • Improved power consumption measurements
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations


  • Added OnePlus Switch application for backup & restore
    • We’ve added the new OnePlus switch app so moving your information to a new OnePlus device will be easier than ever
  • Clipboard
    • Added a new clipboard feature activated when copying information. You can edit the text copied and then choose to “Search, Translate, or Share”
  • File manager
    • Improved experience when deleting files
    • Added large file management function
  • Dialer
    • More caller information now given to you during incoming call notification

Known issues:

  • Some third party camera applications may not fully work with this update

It's just a better laid out version of the 5T's from earlier. The Open Beta 4 update should be rolling out soon, though it's not yet available to download at time of writing (you can always try Oxygen Updater, a fantastic app).

Open Beta 4 for the OP5 is available to download now. And here's what OnePlus had to say about the new clipboard app:

"OxygenOS version

Allows users to more easily perform actions after copying text. Examples of these actions including editing, translating and sharing. This feature is on by default, and can be toggled off in 'Settings' -> 'Advanced Settings'.

HydrogenOS version

Same as above, but has the added feature of more easily connecting with Taobao, an online marketplace popular in China. Since the OxygenOS version recently released does not have the Taobao feature, there isn't any connection with an Alibaba server. Also, as this is a beta feature, we are collecting feedback on the implementation of the clipboard feature to see if our community would find it a useful addition to OxygenOS."