The internet is a dangerous place, and two-factor authentication (2FA) is one of the best ways to keep your accounts secure. It's a real pain to manage, though. Authy makes 2FA slightly less annoying, and it's getting a long-awaited feature today in the beta. You can now secure the app with a fingerprint.

Authy is a handy way to manage your 2FA codes because it syncs between devices. The tokens are backed up in the cloud, but they're encrypted. You need a key to access the tokens after syncing to a new device. After that, anyone can just open up your app and see the auth codes, unless you secure it. That's where the fingerprint option comes into play.

You can join the Play Store beta program to get access to the fingerprint option right now (or grab it from APK Mirror). To set it up, you need to create a PIN for Authy in the settings (this part isn't new). Then, you get the option to unlock with a fingerprint instead. Once enabled, Authy will always ask for your fingerprint when opening, but you can use the PIN as well.

The feature is finally available in the stable version of Authy. Thanks, Fernando.

Authy 2-Factor Authentication
Authy 2-Factor Authentication
Developer: Authy
Price: Free