Ever since Android Nougat 7.1 (and the second N Developer Preview), developers have been able to add a second set of actions to app shortcuts in supported launchers. By long-pressing a supported app on the homescreen or app list, you can quickly access specific functions in it. Although we've had the feature for over a year, not all developers have updated their apps to take advantage of it, and plenty of us forget that the option is even there. What about you, do you use app shortcuts?

If you aren't familiar with how app shortcuts work, you can read up on our coverage of the feature here. Should your phone or tablet be on Android 7.1 or later (and if your launcher supports it), you can even see how it works by long-pressing the icons for supported applications—like Chrome, Twitter, or Google Keep. Basically, developers can place shortcuts there to specific actions or sections of their app which they believe you might frequently use. Those shortcuts can even be grabbed out of that menu and placed on your homescreen, giving you a dedicated New Tweet or Compose icon, for example.

Although it's a useful feature from a functional standpoint, and although I've done my best to place shortcuts to frequently used actions on my homescreen, I often forget that app shortcuts are a thing. More often than not, I waste my time the long way by launching an app and navigating to whatever section I need.

While I'm making a conscious effort to improve my workflow by using app shortcuts more, I'm curious to see how many of our readers remember that they're there.

Do you use app shortcuts?

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