Nowadays, it seems like practically every major manufacturer with Android devices releases betas for their phones, which is pretty great for the community. Huawei has already released Oreo betas for the Mate 9 and some other phones, but now it's the P10/P10 Plus's turn.

Huawei Mobile Romania put out a Facebook post looking for P10/P10 Plus owners with software versions VTR-L09C432B180, VTR-L29C432B180, VKY-L09C432B181, and VKY-L29C432B181. If you are on one of those and want to experience Oreo on your phone before anyone else, you'll have to download the Huawei Beta app and log in with a HWID (Huawei ID). After joining the project, you should automatically receive an OTA. You can also leave the beta program by the same method, should you want to.

Check the source link below for more detailed instructions. It's in Romanian, but Google Translate should make it legible.

A UK-based reader sent in a very long scrolling screenshot of the changelog from his P10. It's too much to go through in its entirety, but highlights of the 2.61GB update include EMUI 8.0, a floating navigation dock, a redesigned settings menu, and a 30-day recycling bin for the gallery. Expand the screenshot by clicking the image and opening it in a new tab if you'd like to read the whole thing.