Android TV saw a good bit of attention at CES, but if you don't want to wait for the new TV sets with it built-in (or pay full MSRP), then you may want to check out this deal over on the usual vendors like Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H. The 2017 model Sony XBR75X900E is sitting at $2,498, a nice $700 off. 

This 75" TV went on sale over Black Friday, but for $300 more. It's what you'd expect from a high end Sony set, with a slim, near bezel-less design, X-tended Dynamic Range Pro, XDR Contrast 5x, local dimming, and HDR. Android TV is on board, and Alexa support, too. The B&H deal even includes a free Google Home with purchase, so that's the one I'd personally go for.

$2500 is a lot for a TV, I hear some say, and I certainly agree. But Sony makes some very, very nice stuff in this arena, so some people think the high prices are justified. That decision is up to you, but you can check out the source link below for more information if you're interested.