Given the thousands of press releases coming out of CES, we almost missed the news that your TiVo DVR/Set-top box will soon integrate in your smart home setup, almost regardless of which platform you've decided to delve into.

Over the next few months, TiVo will have an IFTTT channel with multiple applets to let you automate your TV watching based on other happenings around your house, such as turn on ESPN when you get home, pause when the doorbell rings, and so on. It will also have an Amazon Alexa skill as well as a Google Assistant app. The video below shows a few demos of features, but to be honest, I was left a little confused by the Google Home part of it. This is clearly happening over IFTTT, and requires neither an Assistant app nor shortcut. Maybe things weren't ready for CES on the Google front, but it's a little disingenuous to make people believe this functionality and level of funky interaction will be possible out of the box without them getting their hands dirty with a few IFTTT applets.

Either way, TiVo does promise that a proper Google Assistant integration will roll out in the next few months so we'll keep our eyes on it and let you know when it's available.