Back in June of 2017 Star Wars: Rivals was released as a soft launch title in Australia and New Zealand. At that time I did a brief hands-on with the cover-based corridor shooter. Well, it would appear an official launch is nearing because as of yesterday Disney announced that Star Wars: Rivals is now officially available for pre-registration. This sadly means that most people still won't be able to install the game. But I have some good news, there is a simple way to gain access to the title and download it right now.

Simply click on this link to become a tester for the most current version of the game. After signing up for this testing program you will have to wait around 5-10 minutes for your access to propagate, but once it does you will be able to download Star Wars: Rivals just as you would any other free-to-play game on the Play Store.

It would also appear that any worry of your progress being wiped before Star Wars: Rivals officially launches shouldn't be a concern as the numerous in-app purchases found in the title are live and purchasable. Generally, if a wipe is planned for when a game comes out of testing the IAPs won't be active. Apparently deleting your customer's paid progress is a horrible business strategy.

Oh, and for those of you who are willing to wait for the official release, you can pre-register on the Play Store by navigating to the listing from the widget below this article. If you do pre-register, you can expect a notification when the game officially launches, along with exclusive access to death trooper support units that will be available for a limited time at launch.

So there you have it. If you would like to play Star Wars: Rivals today, you can, and quite easily to boot. I am not going to bore you by diving deep into my thoughts on why Star Wars: Rivals is another mindless free-to-play grind fest, since you can read them elsewhere, but I would like you to at least keep in mind that entering into the testing of this product may result in dealing with a few broken or unfinished features. While I have found very little that is mechanically wrong with the title in my time spent with it, this is still something to consider before you spend any money in-game.

Star Wars: Rivals™
Star Wars: Rivals™
Developer: Disney
Price: To be announced