To say it's been a bumpy ride for Essential would be an understatement. After the initial hype surrounding the company's first phone died down, reviews were lukewarm and strong sales failed to materialize. Considerable price drops have followed, and there's also been controversy surrounding founder Andy Rubin and alleged inappropriate behavior. That said, there are some positives for owners of the device, with Essential quick to deliver updates and make improvements.

The world's smallest 360-degree camera made the headlines as a launch accessory for the phone, but the company has just added a few more items to its online store. A replacement fast charger can now be had for $39, which probably should have been there from the beginning, but it's better late than never. More interestingly, given how difficult it is to find a good pair anywhere right now, Essential is offering two different sets of USB-C earbuds. Rita rounded up the best of the bunch before the holidays, but it's slim pickings.

Essential has two different types of USB-C earbuds for sale: the Earphones|Mini and Earphones|HD. The Minis cost $49 and come with 5mm drivers, while the $99 HD set looks much the same but includes beefier 9.2mm drivers producing high-res audio. Both options have an in-line microphone and multi-function control button, and both come with extra tips and a hard shell case.

If you've managed to lose your USB-C to 3.5mm adapter, you can get another one for $15. Other accessories are listed as coming soon, including a dock charger that looks like a wireless charging mat but attaches to the phone's magnetic connectors and a nice looking case for the 360 Camera. I gather they've been 'coming soon' for quite a while, though, so maybe don't hold your breath. If anyone plumps for some Essential earbuds, be sure to let us know what you think of them.