Last year, WhatsApp released a business-focused version of its massively-popular messaging app, aptly-called 'WhatsApp Business.' It has a few unique features, like landline phone number support, messaging statistics, and other minor changes. Now the app has been updated to support quick replies.

We can't actually test it for ourselves (your phone number has to be approved to use the app), but the changelog on the Play Store says it is a new feature, and it wasn't there when we covered the app initially. If you have been granted access to the app, you can grab the latest version from the Play Store below.

A new changelog was pushed again, this time mentioning Labels for organizing customers. This service is shaping up to be super interesting and we (read: Rita) can't wait for WhatsApp to make it available to more and more businesses.


- New Feature: Labels. Use labels to organize and quickly find your customers and messages.
- New messaging tools: use Quick replies to create keyboard shortcuts for frequently sent messages and greet customers with a Greeting message when they message you the first time.

WhatsApp Business
WhatsApp Business
Developer: WhatsApp LLC
Price: Free