The Google Assistant seems to be in everything at CES 2018 and the latest trend right now, beside the new smart display form factor, is to put it in desk or bedside clocks. We already saw iHome's iGV1 that looks like a Google Home sawn in half with a hidden LED display, and now we have two new clock speakers to look at from SōLIS and Jensen.

SōLIS already makes a few Chromecast speakers and it's now graduating to the Google Assistant rank. The new SO-2000 (it does look sooooo 2000) has 2 x 5W front-firing speakers, an LED clock that syncs directly with the cloud, and Google Assistant plus Chromecast built-in. So you can issue voice commands to it, play music, set timers and alarms, as well as group it with other Chromecast speakers around your house or cast to it from your devices. It will launch in mid-2018 in black or white for a very steep $169.99 MSRP.

Jensen has also dabbled in the Chromecast speaker business - I reviewed the JSB-1000 a while ago and came away pleased though not convinced by the price. Now it's also dipping its toes in the Google Assistant scene with the JVA-500. It has a 1.8" LED display with brightness levels and dimming and a top wireless charging pad. Both WiFi and Bluetooth are on board, as well as Google Assistant and Chromecast to issue commands and stream audio with multi-room grouping. There's no word on pricing and availability and no exact specs on the speaker or wireless pad were given. We may have to wait to find out more.

Jensen has clarified that the wireless charger pad is rated at 5W, and the speaker is a 3W one. The MSRP will be $169.99, though as with the JSB-1000, it's likely the unit will be sold for a bit less than that.

Press Release

Spectra Unveils SŌLIS SO-2000 Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Clock with the Google Assistant Built in at CES 2018

Las Vegas, NV, January 9, 2017 – Spectra Merchandising International, Inc., an industry pioneer in consumer electronics, today unveiled the SōLIS SO-2000 Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Wireless clock with the Google Assistant built in at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show.

“We are thrilled to continue to work with Google by announcing the SO-2000 with the Google Assistant built in. We really feel that these modern design elements coupled with the latest technology would make a perfect addition to any room.” says Jim Economos, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Spectra Merchandising International.

With the Google Assistant, the SO-2000 allows users to ask questions, play music and manage tasks. The unit includes two high fidelity speakers, an easy-to-read LED clock that automatically sets the time from the Google Cloud. The SO-2000 also features Chromecast built in to stream music from your phone, tablet or laptop to the built-in speakers.

With the Google Home app you can stream music to a single speaker, different music to individual speakers, or create groups for multi-room listening. Multi-room sync controls the music and plays the same song to any combination of multi-room compatible speakers at the same time.

SO-2000 product specifications:
● Wireless Wi-Fi Streaming with the Google Assistant built in
● Bluetooth Connectivity
● Multi-Room Streaming and Wireless Control from Anywhere in Your Home with Chromecast built in
● Front-firing 5W speakers
● Power: 120V AC 60Hz
● Output: 2 x 5W RMS
● Dimensions: 6.25” (W) x 5.5” (D) x 7” (H)

The SO-2000 will be available mid-2018 in black or white for $169.99 MSRP.

Press Release

Jensen Stereo Wireless Clock with Wireless Charger and the Google Assistant built in Unveils at CES 2018

Chicago, IL – Spectra, an industry pioneer in consumer electronics, unveiled its first device with the Google Assistant built in from Jensen at CES 2018. The JVA-500 is Jensen’s second smart speaker after launching the JSB-1000 with Chromecast built-in at CES 2017.

With the Google Assistant built in, you can bring your digital assistant right into your living room. Get answers on sports, weather, finance calculations, translations, and more. Enjoy entertainment like listening to music, podcasts, and radio, or stream videos to your TV with Chromecast with a simple voice command. Get your daily schedule, upcoming events, flight information, or traffic in your area. You can even add things to your shopping list and stock up on essentials, set alarms, and manage your calendar. Additionally, you can use your Assistant to control your smart home by setting the perfect temperature or turning down the lights.

With the Google Home app, easily sync your JVA-500 with other compatible smart speakers, like the Google Home, for a multi-room listening experience. Multi-room sync lets you customize your home audio listening experience and play the same music or listen to different music in each room.

The JVA-500 features a 1.8” LED digital clock display with brightness levels and dimming. Additionally, charge your phone or mini tablet using the top mounted wireless charging
pad that supports devices with wireless charging enabled.

“The Jensen JVA-500 combines the latest technology of the Google Assistant and wireless charging, along with an easy to read digital clock. It’s the perfect addition to any room in your home. Jensen is fortunate to be integrating the Google Assistant built in technology into the JVA-500.“ says Jim Economos, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Spectra Merchandising International.

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