Well, Samsung seems to be on a cleaning spree this year. Just yesterday, the company announced that it was going to consolidate over 40 disparate apps under SmartThings and now it seems that a different app will be killed: Game Recorder+.

For the eulogy, Game Recorder+ launched in June of 2015 to allow Galaxy users to record their screen and either internal audio (game's audio) or the mic while playing games, then updated in November to support more devices. But it hasn't seen many updates since then. Now the Play Store listing has been changed to say that the app and service will be sunset on February 28, 2018:

Hello, this is the Game Recorder+ service team.
Game Recorder+ will be closed on 02/28/2018.
Users who already have Game Recorder+ installed on their phones will not be able to record games from 02/28. Please use another screen recording app.
Please back up your videos previously recorded with Game Recorder+.
If you delete Game Recorder+ without backing up, any recorded videos will also be deleted.
If you touch the save button on the recorded video, it will be saved in the Game Recorder folder on your phone.
Thank you for using Game Recorder+.

So there you have it, you game sharing and streaming freaks. You may want to check Samsung's Game Live or YouTube Gaming. RIP Game Recorder+, we hardly knew ye.

Game Recorder+
Game Recorder+