According to an article yesterday published by Yonhap News Agency, LG is reportedly releasing its LG Pay service in the US by June. The report also claims that LG's upcoming G7 and V40 handsets will accompany the launch. For the unfamiliar, LG Pay service will enable users to make payments with supported LG devices on normal credit card readers, similar to the MST used by Samsung.

If Yonhap News Agency's coverage is accurate, this confirms some of the same information that we recently found on the (presumably) accidental release of LG Pay on the Play Store, in the description of which the LG G7 was referenced. Further evidence just popped up in an alleged leak on LG's own site, in which the "Future LG G7" was apparently named in a page discussing Quick Charge.

This is in contrast to earlier reports that the G branding would be dropped entirely. However, it's possible that LG could be using placeholder names for these products, even internally, so it isn't necessarily proof that the G7 will end up using the G branding, but it does lend some weight to the name.

Like in Korea, when LG Pay hits the US it will apparently support payments at magnetic stripe readers via "Wireless Magnetic Communication Technology," just as Samsung's payments service does. Users of LG Pay won't have to worry about payment terminals supporting NFC, as in the case of other payments services like Google Pay.

According to Yonhap News Agency, we should see more about the upcoming G7—and, presumably, LG Pay—at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, with a Korean and US launch to follow in March or April.