Google has once again updated its G Suite office applications with some welcome new features, this time for search and accessibility.

In Google Drive, G Suite users can now search within specific folders. On the desktop, a right-click on a folder or selecting a folder from the drop-down menu will offer up a new option to search within that folder. I was frankly surprised that this didn't already exist in such a straightforward way, so I bet it will get a lot of use.

Google has also improved some of G Suite's accessibility features, beginning with adding Braille support to additional apps. Those with Braille displays could already take advantage of G Suite's Docs, Slides, and Drawings applications, and now Google has added support to Sheets.

Braille in Sheets is only available to G Suite users on ChromeOS with the ChromeVox screen reader, but they are working on support for additional platforms.

Additionally, the screen magnifier tool, already available for Docs and Sheets, is being added to Slides and Drawings as well.

All of these updates are supposed to roll out to all users within the next couple of weeks, and seem only to apply to G Suite on the desktop for now.