Plex has been adding new features on a regular basis lately, like live TV and news. That's only the start of the company's expansion plans, though. According to a report from TechCrunch, Plex plans to add podcasts to the platform, and that could eventually lead to Plex becoming a one-stop-shop for your digital media needs.

The service, when it launches, would include both audio and video podcasts. Plex would also tie the podcast feature into the other content you watch (like live TV) and suggest podcasts based on that. Plex is apparently already talking to creators about launching podcasts on its service, but the pitch is not to leave other platforms like YouTube. Plex thinks its recommendation engine will help podcasts get more exposure, and that might be true if people actually fire up podcasts in Plex. The recommendation features would also likely be opt-in.

For now, none of this is official. Plex has some room to maneuver in its quest to add users, though. The company has been cautious about taking venture investments and over-spending. It has been profitable or break-even in the last few quarters. Podcasts probably aren't going to be what shoots Plex to the top of digital media, but it's a piece of the puzzle.