One of our pet peeves at Android Police lately (mostly mine and Artem's) has been the lack of a proper Google Assistant directory on the web. Amazon simply has its Alexa skills searchable from its site, like you would for any product or app or book, but to see if Assistant supports a certain product you had to have a phone/tablet with Assistant enabled, browse to the slightly hidden Explore section which is accessible from the blue envelope thing on the top right of the Assistant screen, and just then you could either search or use the trending and new sections. Once you found what you were looking for, you could share the link to the page with someone else if you were trying to explain how to add a new capability to Assistant, but it was really convoluted. That made Assistant-compatible services difficult to discover, difficult to explain, difficult to share, and difficult to parse.

No more. Finally, Google has made the same directory available on the web. Simply point your browser to and you'll be able to see all categories and subcategories of Google Assistant services and apps, view the details of each one like which devices it's available on and which commands are possible, and search or check the list of new and trending Assistant integrations. It's useful if you still haven't dived into the Assistant/Home ecosystem and want to see what is supported. It's also handy if you have jumped on board but want a more comfortable way to browse through the list.

And for me, it finally gives me the possibility of a custom Chrome Search Engine that will make finding Assistant apps 10 times faster than reaching for my phone when writing articles for Android Police. Yass!

Oh and keep in mind, this list is different from the smart home control partners table we covered back in October. That one is only for smart home services and devices, this one is for all Assistant things, including smart home but also trivia, games, sports, shopping, and more.