iHome still, in fact, exists, and just today at CES the company announced a new Google Assistant powered speaker. With a built-in clock and alarm, it's meant to be a smart bedside companion. Although it won a CES 2018 Innovation Award, the new iGV1 pretty much just looks like a sawn-off Google Home with a clock on the front.

What iHome's iGV1 actually looks like

Although the design is familiar—which could be a good thing if you want it to match your Google Home—the iGV1 induces additional features and functionality that Google's first-party speakers lack. In addition to the obvious alarm clock functionality, it also has a built-in 1A USB port for charging bedside devices.

That clock on the front of the speaker is even dimmable, for those that can't stand any lights at night. And, as you'd probably expect, the iGV1 has all the same Google Assistant features that other similarly-equipped smart speakers do. iHome is pretty proud of the iGV1's (slightly cringe named) "Reson8" speaker chamber design, which allegedly delivers improved sound quality.

I'm curious to see if the alarm can be set and disabled entirely via the Assistant, or if the buttons up top will be required to use that part of the clock's functionality.

The iGV1 isn't listed yet on iHome's site, and all we know for the time being is that it's "coming soon" to retailers. For the full details, you can check out the press release just below.

Press Release

iHome Integrates Sleek New Bedside Speaker System with the Google Assistant
iHome expands its line of smart home devices to include the iGV1, a CES 2018 Innovation Award winning alarm clock music system featuring the Google Assistant and Wi-Fi music streaming


08:30 ET

LAS VEGAS and RAHWAY, N.J., Jan. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- iHome, the leader in award-winning speakers, portable devices and smart home control solutions, today announces the CES Innovation Award-winning iGV1, an elegant music system that integrates the Google Assistant into an ultra-modern alarm clock form factor that features a sleek at-a-glance clock & next alarm display and an integrated snooze button.

With its clean white shell the iGV1 fits in right at home with other products that work with the Google Assistant. It features a phantom dimmable display that can be turned completely off for those that need a pitch-black sleeping environment, and a gray fabric speaker grill that make the iGV1 a great addition to any room of the house.

"The goal of the Google Assistant is to help users no matter what device they're using or where they are in their day. With iHome, we're excited to bring users another way to interact with the Assistant, right on an alarm clock," said Anurag Jain, Product Manager for the Google Assistant.

When the iGV1's alarm clock goes off, users can tap the integrated snooze button, or simply turn the alarm off and start their day by asking the Google Assistant to turn on the lights (when used with smart plugs that work with the Google Assistant, like iHome's SmartPlug products), get a daily briefing, adjust the thermostat, start the coffee maker, play a music playlist and much more, all from the comfort of their bed.

The Google Assistant on iGV1 supports thousands of streaming music titles and works with several leading music services, such as Google Play Music, Pandora, Spotify and YouTube Music. Users can also ask the Google Assistant to play their favorite radio stations via TuneIn and iHeartRadio. If music is already playing on another Google Cast device in the home, users may Cast that music to the iGV1 using their phone. Users may also Cast music from their phone or PC browser over Wi-Fi to the iGV1, or play musically wireless on it via Bluetooth.

This announcement further shows iHome's commitment to developing new products and accessories that seamlessly enable a true smart home experience.

"The smart home market is growing at an incredible pace over the next five years. Much of that growth is being fueled by the proliferation of smart home devices from brands like iHome that offer products that support popular smart home platforms like Google Assistant," said Gary Schultz, Director of Product and Business Development at iHome. "We are pleased to expand our smart home product line to include our first music system to benefit from the numerous features and smart home control capabilities with the Google Assistant built into our bedside system."

In true iHome fashion, the iGV1 offers a mix of cutting-edge features and conveniences including:

Integrated voice control through the Google Assistant
Gorgeous, futuristic design assembled with premium materials
Works with a broad range of Google Assistant enabled smart home devices, including iHome Control SmartPlugs
Google Cast Wi-Fi music playback and wireless Bluetooth music streaming
1 Amp USB port to charge mobile devices (cable not included)
Time sync via NTP provides clock accuracy over Wi-Fi networks
Reson8 speaker chamber design delivers astounding clarity, depth and power
The iGV1 is coming soon to retailers across the USA.

For more information about iHome and its products, please visit www.ihome.com, or check them out on Facebook (facebook.com/iHome), @iHome on Twitter or @iHome on Instagram.

About iHome:

iHome was established in 2005 as a division of SDI Technologies, a company with over 60 years of consumer electronics innovation.

iHome is currently pioneering a new area of connected consumer electronics with the release of its iHome Control line of smart home products. Compatible with Apple and Android portable devices, iHome has had success with a line of SmartPlugs and smart sensors. Through integrations with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Nest, Wink, and Samsung SmartThings, iHome's line of smart home products offer the broadest IoT compatibility in the market.

The first iHome product introduced, an iPod-docking clock radio, was the top-selling iPod accessory for 2005 and firmly established iHome as the premier brand in the audio accessories market. Today, iHome remains the #1 selling brand in digital player speakers with an impressive catalog of award-winning products.