Google offers various ways to pay for things on devices and the web, and all these transactions fall into one of several products buckets. It's a bit confusing, but Google is streamlining its payment branding today with the launch of Google Pay. Android Pay, Google Wallet, and even Chrome autofill payment info will be unified under this brand. As for when—this is happening right now. Some people already see hints of Google Pay on their devices.

Google was the first to bring mobile NFC payments to phones, which it called Google Wallet. Later, it swapped in the Android Pay branding. When you think about it, that wasn't a very versatile brand for mobile payments. Now, Google is giving it a third (and hopefully final) shot with Google Pay. This will be the name for Google's payment platform when making payments via NFC in stores, online at retailers, in the Play Store, and in other Google apps.

We started suspecting something was up a few days ago when readers began reaching out to say their Tap & Pay system settings were suddenly labeled "Google Pay." So, this branding is already rolling out. Google says you'll see Google Pay everywhere in the coming weeks, and it's already accepted on sites like Airbnb, Dice, Fandango, HungryHouse, and Instacart. However, I bet you'll continue seeing payment kiosks with the Android Pay branding on them for years to come.

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