All of Google's own cases for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are on sale at the Google Store, but the discounted prices could affect whether you receive free shipping on your order.

Google's Pixel 2 Live Cases and Artworks Live Cases are each discounted $8, from $40 to $32 for the "slim protection" versions, and $10 off "dual protection" from $50 to $40. Google's fabric cases also get the $8 discount to $32.

The catch is that a purchase of at least $35 is necessary to qualify for free shipping from the Google Store. So while it's all well and good to save $8 on a nice slim case, you may wind up either saving only about $4 with "Saver" shipping, which promises delivery between January 12-15 or breaking even with $8 "Standard," which merely changes the delivery estimate to January 11-15.

It's almost as though Google is hoping you'll decide to spring for the "dual protection" version or buy more than one item just to get the free shipping. That would indeed be crafty.

The sale on the special Google Earth Live Case is more straightforward, dropping $10 from $50 to $40, leaving free shipping intact.

These discounts apply to both the regular and XL sizes of the Pixel 2, and only to Google-made cases. AP's Richard Gao recently did a roundup of several Pixel 2 case options, including third-party cases, and rated Google's reasonably well.

Now I should note that I keep running into error messages when I try to get through the checkout process for any of the live cases, but this seems to only be happening to me. Other folks I've asked have clicked through the whole process of picking their case and customizing it without issue, but I keep hitting a brick wall no matter which browser I use. So just be forewarned there might be some kind of hiccup.

The sale is "for a limited time," but, of course, isn't everything?

Update: While in the U.S. the listing is for an indeterminate limited time, it looks like in Canada at least the sale prices end on January 19.