Many of you probably know about the Anker PowerHouse, a massive 434Wh battery that can be had for $499.99. But if that was too much money for more power than you needed, Anker has just unveiled the PowerHouse 200, a smaller and less expensive version. It's still a giant brick of a battery, but if you just don't need 434Wh, this is the car battery-shaped battery for you.

The PowerHouse 200 offers a slightly sleeker look with 200Wh of power inside, which is about half of the original's capacity. As a result, it weighs under seven pounds, compared to the 9.3lb weight of the 434Wh model. It charges up with a 60W USB Type-C PD input/output, and as you can probably tell, it also has three USB ports and a 100W AC output. The small display up top makes it easy to keep track of just how much charge you have.

Whether it's for a camping trip or a backup power supply for when the power goes out, the PowerHouse 200 is sure to satisfy the most hardcore tech enthusiasts' needs. It'll be out sometime in summer at a price of $299.99.

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Anker Innovations Showcases New Brands and New Products at CES 2018

Unveils Vision for Smarter Audio, Home Entertainment, Driving And More

LAS VEGASJan. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Anker Innovations, a global leader in charging technology and smart, connected consumer devices, announced its product lineup for CES 2018.

Led by its five key brands - ANKER, EUFY, NEBULA, ROAV and ZOLO - Anker Innovations will showcase a host of exciting new consumer electronic products including premium, designer speakers; total wireless earphones; Android powered smart projectors;  power delivery solutions and the Alexa-enabled in-car kit.

ANKER has solidified itself as the global leader in mobile charging solutions by providing simple ways to keep mobile devices powered in times of need. Over the years, ANKER has expanded its reach to encompass products across the entire spectrum of charging. This includes wireless charging, fast charging, smart wall chargers, and even Power Delivery technology. Right now, Power Delivery has established itself as the latest and fastest charging technology available to consumers.

Compatible with the new iPhone series and other wireless compatible phones, ANKER has released wireless chargers that maximize convenience and charge at the fastest speeds. Rather than constantly keeping track of charging accessories around the house, placing a few pads in strategic locations provide a simplified method of keeping devices powered.

ANKER's new line of Power Delivery products are the most versatile on the market, featuring a wide variety of power outputs and support for devices like notebooks, smartphones, appliances, laptops and more.

Introduced at CES, ANKER takes its fan-favorite PowerHouse portable battery and shrinks it down in size and powers it up with a 60W Power Delivery output/input. The PowerHouse 200 also has a 200Wh capacity while weighing under 7 pounds. The built-in 100W AC output means that modern appliances can be powered when needed.

Will be available in summer 2018 at a price of $299.99 USD. For more information, visit,

After Record Breaking Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign, the Nebula Capsule is now available to consumers globally. Inspired by a commonly used soda can, it is both DLP projector and portable speaker with Android 7.1 and an advanced 360°sound cone design that delivers room-filling sound.

The Nebula Capsule, it has the capabilities of a smart TV with 4 hours of movie playtime and 30 hours of non-stop music on a single charge. With Android 7.1, apps can be easily downloaded and content shared and displayed via streaming services like: Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and TED. It also seamlessly connects to devices via Bluetooth, HDMI and screen mirroring to make sharing a favorite show, video game or live sporting event with friends fun and easy.

Available for $349 on Amazon. For more information on the Nebula Brand visit,

ROAV is focused on developing in-car products that bring smart, connected services to any driving experience. This includes the recently launched ROAV VIVA as well as its popular line of world-class suite of DashCam products.

Today, the ROAV VIVA, a new plug-and-play Bluetooth car kit that brings the Alexa voice service instantly to any modern car is available for pre-orders.

In addition to supporting tens of thousands of Alexa skills, including news, weather, sports and games for the next road trip, the new ROAV VIVA also delivers calling and messaging; Bluetooth music streaming; voice initiated navigation; and two fast charging ports to keep mobile devices charged while on the road.

The ROAV VIVA will be available for pre-orders first in the United States on for $49.99 USD. It will launch globally in early 2018. More information about the ROAV VIVA can be found at

The Liberty+ are the first total wireless earphones by ZOLO. They are light, comfortable, and waterproof, ideal for a workout or to listen to music during your commute. The Liberty+ feature audio drivers coated with graphene that delivers up to 3.5 hours of constant beautiful sound across all frequencies.

Steeped in Anker's world-class charging technology, the Liberty+ has 3.5 hours of constant playback. Additionally, the charging case will provide 48 hours of power on a single charge.

After raising over $2.8M on Kickstarter, the ZOLO Liberty+ will finally be available on Amazon late January for $149.

Also announced today, ZOLO Model Zero is a unique and beautifully designed home portable speaker that features a sound-centric shape and Dolby Audio™. Model Zero is a speaker that was envisioned by artists, sculpted by designers, then constructed and tuned by engineers.

Model Zero's radial shape creates the optimal angle for the high-end drivers to deliver superior sound performance, and the naturally integrated handle makes it both chic and portable.

In addition to its rich immersive sound and premium fabrication, ZOLO Model Zero also has the Google Assistant built in. With a simple voice command "Hey Google," listeners can instantly access music services like: Google Play, YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn and iHeartRadio. Easily ask the Assistant for the latest news, traffic updates, general information, calendar events and add items to your shopping list without lifting a finger.

Additional information on ZOLO Model Zero will be revealed in the coming months. To learn more about ZOLO, please visit

SOUNDCORE is the newest member of Anker Innovations. SOUNDCORE will continue the legacy of ANKER'S world-renowned speakers and earphones by having a dedicated team that focuses solely on creating incredible audio. SOUNDCORE's first product will be "Life NC" neckband (or neckband-style) earphones with uplink noise-cancellation. Life NC has received an honorary mention at the CES 2018 Innovation Awards. SOUNDCORE products will be available Summer 2018.

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About Anker Innovations
Anker Innovations is a global leader in charging technology and a developer of connected devices to support smarter audio, driving and the emerging smart home space. This innovation is being led by its six key brands: ANKE, EUFY, NEBULA, ROAV, SOUNDCORE and ZOLO. More information about Anker Innovations, its brands and its products can be found at

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