The list of supported smart home partners on Google Assistant and Home continues to grow and that growth even seems to be accelerating as time passes. Just last October, we reported on 65 direct partners being supported by Assistant and now if you go over to the Home Control section of your Google Home app or Assistant's settings, you can find that the number has jumped a little over 100. But that's not the entire story.

As we all know, smart home companies can integrate into Google Assistant/Home in one of two ways. One is directly through Home Control, which is easily recognizable by the fact that all the devices imported show up in a list, you can assign them to rooms, you can use regular voice commands to trigger them, and the same Assistant voice will answer you back. Two is through Actions on Google / Assistant apps which are browsed from the Explore section, where any developer can open up a "talk to service x" command that is followed by whatever question or request they want (not just lights, thermostats, and appliances) and where Assistant calls up another voice to answer you back. It's a small distinction, but an important one nonetheless.

With that in mind, the number of smart home companies that support Assistant/Home either directly or through Actions on Google is now over 200. We've had our eyes on the full list since it was published in October, and just a couple of days ago it was updated with 35 additions. Now a few more have joined in (keep in mind that these could have been possible for a while, it's just that Google got around to adding them now):

  • Ecovacs + Deebot Ecovacs
  • Energenie MiHome
  • OSRAM Lightify Europe
  • Eques Elf
  • Seetime Smart
  • VeSync
  • Mediola SmartHome
  • DreamCatcher
  • Simple Connect
  • Orient AC
  • Skybell
  • Petnet
  • Smart K
  • Voxior Home
  • AIONE Lifestyle Studio Inc.
  • AppUnique Limited
  • Vivitar Smart Cameras => Vivitar Smart Home (incl Cameras, Lights, Plugs, Wall Mounts)

With all of these additions, Google has also updated the page to say that Assistant and Home now work with over 1500 products (previously 1000) from over 200 brands (prev. 150). At this point, all I really want is for Arlo's cameras to have proper integration so I can jump to them, but otherwise, I think most of the other players are on board in one form or another. Service-wise, a proper Plex or Synology integration would be kickass too. One day, one day...