It can be a challenge to find a good portable battery that has the ports you need, sufficient capacity, and the right fast-charging standard. Mophie's latest battery should have all your bases covered with up to 100W of power over an AC outlet, but it'll cost you. The new 22,000mAh Powerstation AC is now live for a whopping $199.95.

The battery itself looks rather swanky with a soft fabric cover. I guess it'll match your current-gen Google devices? At one end is a standard AC plug that can output 100W of power. Anything can be plugged in there including a laptop or a phone with an unusual fast-charging standard. On the side you get a USB-A and a Type-C port. The Type-C supports USB-PD with up to 30W of power, but the USB-A is only 2.4A.

You can attach three devices to the Powerstation AC, but it'll shut off the USB ports if the draw on the AC plug reaches 100W. The presence of the AC port makes the Powerstation AC a bit more bulky than other batteries with a similar capacity, but it seems much more versatile. You have to justify the cost, though. $200 for a battery is not an impulse purchase, but most batteries with high wattage output are pretty spendy.