More and more vehicles and car manufacturers are adding Android Auto (and Apple CarPlay) compatibility to their onboard systems, which is a good thing by everyone's book since the default systems often suck. Nissan has been an Android Auto partner for a while, but until now it didn't have any cars listed as compatible with it (it had two 2017 Apple CarPlay models only).

That changed recently when 4 of Nissan's upcoming 2018 models were announced with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility. These cars were made official around September/October, but since we don't follow car news but Android news, we only spotted them now that they've been added to the official Android Auto website. In case you're wondering, these are the models:

  • Altima 2018-
  • Leaf 2018-
  • Maxima 2018-
  • Murano 2018-
  • Rogue 2018-

If you're purchasing one of these models and you live in a country where Android Auto is available, ask your dealer for the option (it could be a basic one or it could be an upgrade). Based on the regular Nissan Connect system reviews, you should easily be better off with Auto or CarPlay.

Google added Murano 2018- to the list.